07 November 2012

Apps You Need to Get

Hey...I was playing on my iPod touch earlier. It's a really old version, but I was still pleased by how the apps manage to keep me from being bored. So I wanted to put together a list of really awesome apps, for the bored people out there. Some of these you will probably know.

Warning: they are quite addicting.

Warning: I mean, really addicting.

Warning: Like really really really--
  • Temple Run. This one is pretty obvious. You swipe left, right, up, and down. Some of the high scores on Game Center are staggering. But just to disillusion you, there is a cheat that a lot of people use in Temple Run. Highlight to read: Play in Tutorial Mode. When it tells you to turn, quickly swipe in that direction not once, but three times. Swipeswipeswipe--then the game should shift to an unending bridge. Sometimes there will be powerups, sometimes not. What you can do now is plug the device in to charge and leave it in that infinite mode. Next morning, check it. Surprise! You have, like, 20 million points and counting! Yay!
  • Jetpack Joyride. Not many people have heard of this one. But it's just as addicting as dear old Temple Run. You press down to rise up, and you try to avoid obstacles such as zappers and lasers. Also you get to kill scientists.
  • Surviving High School. Play as several different characters as you try to get through a time period in high school. Go through relationships, friendships, grades, and competition. There are mini-games within the game. It's super addicting, and the best part is, they add a free episode every week!
  • Pocket Frogs. Now, for me, this one was really fun at first. After a while, it became really old. Basically you start out with a couple of frogs. You can buy new ones, or breed the ones you already have. You can also take one of your frogs at a time to a pond; here you can find gifts, or other frogs to breed with. There are levels of frogs, ranging from common to rare to legendary.
  • Animation Desk. For budding animators, this app gives you a lot of freedom to animate. You can make as many frames as you want, set it to a speed, and choose from over 50 colours. After that, you can email it to yourself. It costs money, though.
  • SpyMouse. This is the most addicting game ever. You play as a mouse, trying to collect all the pieces of cheese in each level without getting beaten up by the cats. You can hide in the shadows, you can eat peppers to make you go faster, you can buy a bunch of utilities like rollerblades. The only thing that sucks is that if you press the home button in the middle of a level, the game never loads again. That happened to me quite a few times, but I always managed to get it to load. Not this time. It's gone for life, but I haven't tried re-downloading it. I'm scared that my progress will be deleted.
  • Logo Quiz. Truly an app for puzzle-lovers. This tests your knowledge of logos from everywhere. There are endless levels. It's fantastic. And if you get stuck, there's an app called Logo Quiz Cheats to help you out.
I'll add more later on. Hope this is helpful, and hope you enjoy the apps! :)

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