29 November 2012

The Types of Chatters

I have a lot of different types of friends, and as I chatted with them, I couldn't help noticing that they all have different styles. I also noticed a bit of a correlation between time spent online and chatting style.

  • The Smiler: This person adds an emoticon onto everything. Everything. Even when it doesn't make sense. 
    • "how are you? :)"
    • "is she bothering you? :)"
    • "aww, i'm so sorry :)"
  • The Txtr: This person leaves out as many letters as they can. Their words are virtually illegible. 
    • "wht r u up 2?"
    • "is lf ok rt nw?"
    • "thts so wrd!!"
  • The Queen of Hearts: Just like the Smiler, the Queen of Hearts tags on a heart to every line. 
    • "i'm reading harry potter <3"
    • "i like to eat <3"
    • "i'm going to the bathroom <3"
  • The Novelist: This person writes paragraphs. All the time. I confess, I do this a lot. It's not all that bad because it's usually not boring. But still. Most of these examples are quite dramatic, so I shall refrain from providing an example.
  • The Newsperson: This person provides you with updates, accurate to the very second, on what they are doing. Hooray! Free news!
    • "i'm drinking water now"
    • "doing my homework"
    • "i have to pee!"
  • The Lol-er: Either this person says "lol" in awkward situations, or they actually think everything is funny. 
    • "i saw a pig on the way home lol"
    • "i have to eat dinner sorry lol"
    • "i failed my math test lol"
  • The Ghetto Speaker: This person talks in ghetto language. It's actually kind of funny. They emphasize every accent and syllable.
    • "naw, dat ain't no right answer!"
    • "das dayum weyurd!"
    • "yo dawg, how's the man?"
  • The Random Typer: Whenever there's an awkward pause, this person decides to break the tension by smashing their hands onto the keyboard and pressing enter. It's not very effective.
    • "asdfghjkl;"
    • "asilhvjanerjerlhvjalnvwuoeghuergbe"
    • "$*#&(*$)HNWHD"

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