09 February 2013

A Lime Called "Peanut"

Wouldn't that be a great name for a novel? Anyways, today I brought a lime to school. I thought it was a lemon. Do not mock me. I assumed, since limes and lemons are shaped the same, taste similar and look the same, excepting colour, that they are the same. A green apple is just as much an apple as a red apple. I assumed that the same applied to lemons. Apparently not. Lemons are most certainly not limes, and limes are most certainly not lemons.

Why, you ask, why did I bring a lime to school?

In science class, we made wet cells out of lemons. Lemons contain a mixture of chemicals that can be converted to electricity. Well, I brought a lime. A lime, apparently, could not be used for the experiment. So I drew a face on my lime with a red permanent marker, and by the end of class, when I finished the experiment with an actual lemon, I had grown somewhat attached to the cute lime sitting on my table. So I dubbed it "Peanut". My friends think I am insane. To some degree, I agree with them. But the lime deserved love. After all, it had been rejected by the science teacher and made fun of my class.

Actually, it's a little creepy how it never blinks.

Moving on, I'd like to ponder on something else, something I came across while browsing a funny picture app on my iPod, something completely unrelated to the post title but interesting nevertheless. Barbie, the doll we girls all knew so well in elementary school years, is scientifically impossible. Her breast-to-waist-to-hip ratio would force her to crawl around on all fours. She would fall over. She is unbelievable top-heavy. In addition, she is anorexic by medical definition. With a height of 5'9" (scaled up to a person's average dimensions) and a weight of 110 lbs, Barbie's BMI is estimated to be about 16.24. She was sold in 1963 as a babysitter, with a book-prop called How To Lose Weight. On the back of the book, the advice was stated in two words: don't eat. Later on came Slumber Party Barbie, who was sold with a pink scale permanently set at 110 lbs. By the clinical definition, Barbie is anorexic. What kind of message is this sending to young girls all across the USA?

Ciao for now. Peanut waves goodbye.

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  1. Pineapple girl09 February, 2013

    Just out of Curiosity, why did you make a post at 4:38 am??????
    Hi Peanut

    My lemon.... well it kinda got murdered in Science class :(
    I am craving lemonade

    Love ur Blog Gurlfriend!!!