23 November 2012

7 Reasons Chocolate Should Have Its Own God

Lots of religions have gods for multiple things. They all have different names, of course, but they are essentially god of the same things. There are gods of love: Venus, Aphrodite, Kama, Hathor, etc. There are gods of the sun: Apollo, Surya, Ra. But what about gods of chocolate? I'll give you 7 reasons that chocolate should have its own god.

  1. It is essential to life. Seriously, who can live without chocolate?
  2. It is a topic of research. People are trying to find out more.
  3. It is a controversial subject. Just like love!
  4. It tastes good. Water tastes good, and it has its own god.
  5. It is found in many different forms. Bars, shakes, smoothies, coffees, syrups.
  6. It looks awesome. Doesn't it? 
  7. It's chocolate. Isn't that technically reason enough?

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