04 January 2013

Five Reasons Not to Read The Selection

I am a sucker for books written in older times, about girls and royalty. I am a total sucker for those. When I saw the fantastic cover of The Selection, I was instantly attracted.

I mean, isn't it an awesome cover? I asked my French teacher if I could borrow it, and the rest of the next two days, my nose was buried in the thing.

The Selection started off great. A girl, America Singer, who is in a low caste, in love with and secretly seeing a boy, Aspen something, in an even lower caste. Typical, clichéd, but still nice. Then America gets the letter...35 girls will be selected to compete for the prince's heart. Again, very typical. But still, it sounded interesting. America doesn't want to sign up, and she talks to Aspen. Aspen feels ashamed that he can't "provide for her", convinces her to sign up, and then dumps her. I mean, what a douche! America, of course, cries and does all that annoying dramatic stuff, gets picked and travels to the palace. There, she meets virtually perfect Prince Maxon, and they fall in love, etc, etc. End? Nope! ASPEN gets drafted, and comes to the palace, and then she basically cheats on Prince Maxon by kissing Aspen and forgiving him. Aspen was a douche, but America is just stupid. Stupid. Stupid idiot girl. The worst part is, they didn't even end the story! They're dragging it on over a series of books, the next of which will come out on April 23 of 2013 (The Elite), and which I will certainly read so that I may vent about it on here.

So instead of a sparkly review of why you'll enjoy Kiera Cass's princess novel, here are a bunch of reasons you SHOULDN'T read the retarded book.

  1. The names. America. Maxon. Tallulah. Marlee. Aspen. Those have got to be the most obscure names ever. When I told my friend Thejus that the guy's name was "Aspen" he could not stop laughing. Unique names are good, but not if they're horrible. Please don't ever write a book using the messed up names that this author uses.
  2. The plot. So clichéd! So typical! So old! Give me a break and write about something WORTH reading. This book would be better off sold as one of those cheap romance novels for 50 cents. Wait, make that 10 cents. Hell, I wouldn't even pay a nickel to read this.
  3. The love triangle. Love triangles aren't necessarily bad. But you have to have a good one for it to be good. A strong central character. Not one who's a complete sass and an idiot.
  4. The characters. Can you come up with any more overused characters? America, who's beautiful and a good singer, and brave and attractive. Aspen, who's a jerk, but undeniably handsome, green eyes, black hair, passionate, extremely attractive. Maxon, cute, nice, clueless, royalty. And the other girls in a competition have so little personality that it's annoying. Celeste, the typical "mean but beautiful" girl, the girl that all the guys fall for despite the obvious witchiness. Marlee, the bubbly, cute best friend. The other girls have no character backgrounds at all.
  5. The personality. I know I gave this a category before, but the main character herself has no character. None! We get little to no sense of her feelings, her likes, her dislikes, her background, her timeline, her family. Nothing! If not the other characters, at least develop the main one!
I hope you understand the pointlessness and the insignificance of this book, despite whether you decide to read it. I know reading about how messed up it is will make you want to read it just to experience that "What the hell?!" feeling, but please don't fantasize about being in the main character's place. I would rather die than live the retarded romance that America Singer does.



  1. Anonymous16 May, 2013

    THANK YOU for also not enjoying this book. I picked it up because of the pretty cover and semi-interesting prospect, and by a little way in I was pretty much gagging. I also wrote a review, which will be posted on my school's website pretty soon (www.chscommunicator.com), and I also plan to read the second book just so I can keep on hating the series. Honestly, though, I don't understand the fandom that's been built up around this series...How could anyone like this junk that much?

    1. You are wrong, complete wrong. ❎❌

  2. You both are completely wrong. Your reasons are complete and utterly wrong. This is an amazing story with a great plot. There are quite are twists in the story. There is quite a bit of insight to America and her previous life if you paid attention to the book without trying to rip it to shreds. I am in the selection fandom and there are many other people who are too. So far you two are the only ones who feel this way considering you are the only ones who wrote a negative review. There are 2 other books now and while reading those I hope you realize how amazing the selection trilogy is.