25 January 2013

My Favourite Online Games

More ways to waste time! Who doesn't want those? Yep, it's here, a list of the most addicting games, bound to keep you hooked.

Hint: keep a Google tab or other educational tab open right next to your game, when your parents walk by just switch to that tab really quickly and stare at it until they leave. Hope that they don't notice. Hope that your computer doesn't freeze.

I'm not talking about MMORPGs. I'll write a separate post for those: I used to be obsessed. These are just no account, quick games that you can play anytime, anyplace. *cough, cough*

Here it is!

This is the Only Level TOO. Play as an elephant. Think outside the box. Be fast. Read the level title for clues. I beat this game. http://armorgames.com/play/5351/this-is-the-only-level-too
Chain Reaction. I beat this game. Click anywhere to start a chain reaction. Meet the goal. There are only 12 levels, so it's unfortunately short. But still, nice. yvoschaap.com/chainrxnadvanced/
The World's Hardest Game. You just gotta have quick fingers for this one. I think my highest is like...20? I forget, I haven't played it in forever. http://www.addictinggames.com/action-games/theworldshardestgame.jsp
The Impossible Quiz. Think outside the box. Also be quick. Expect surprises. No, it is not a logical quiz. I think my highest is question 89...?  http://www.addictinggames.com/puzzle-games/theimpossiblequiz.jsp
Google PacMan. Like the original, but cooler. I haven't gotten past the second peach. google.com/pacman
TypeRacer. There is NO better way to practice your typing skills. I swear. play.typeracer.com
Cat Mario. Oh my god. This is impossible and addicting! And everything's in Japanese. When you die, the evil monsters mock you IN JAPANESE. I mean, what is more infuriating than that?! You need Java to play. Also don't bother translating it. http://www.geocities.jp/z_gundam_tanosii/home/applet/Main.html
Run. There are 50 levels. I have gotten up to 49. Loads of my friends have beat it. There is a normal, fast, and impossible mode, but the impossible is only unlocked once you beat all of the levels. Alien-pigs are pretty awesome. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/games/run

Of course, the list of games is constantly growing, so I shall definitely add another list when it comes to mind.

Until the next post! :)


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