28 February 2013


I'm so ready for winter to be over. So ready. Please, summer, please come fast.

Wrote this after my mother commented on the weather, saying, "It almost gives an illusion that summer's here, long evenings and all." I was "struck by a passion" then, the lyrics to a poem almost sprang into my head at that moment and I had to write it down. It's not fantastic. But it's something.


Summer is gentle,
romantic, sensual,
long pleasant evenings
the gentle glow of candlelit dinners,
unrushed strolls around the neighborhood,
hand in hand with your other.

Summer is exciting,
surprising, fleeting,
water balloon fights,
the rush of amusements,
sleepovers and bonding time,
smiling with your buddies.

Summer is relaxing,
paced, drawn-out,
streams of sunlight and lazy mornings,
quiet time all by yourself,
time to collect your thoughts.

Summer is exhilarating,
passionate, overwhelming,
feeling the wind on your face,
walks along the beach,
feeling the sea spray sprinkle your face.

Summer is everything.

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