24 July 2013

Back again!

Ok, so this time it really has been forever. But I'm back! Mostly because a friend convinced me to continue. I mean, it's summer and I'm bored out of my mind, so why not?

So right now I'm in INDIA. I arrived on the 14th of July, and it's been raining pretty much nonstop. One of the hazards of coming during monsoon season. In fact, my uncle signed my brother and me up for tennis lessons, and we've only been able to have ONE.

An upside, though, is my completely adorable baby cousin! He's about two years old, and he's sort of talking, and it's so cute!

Also I've decided to share this blog on Facebook and I'm totally embarrassed and nervous cuz people I know might read this.

Meanwhile, here's a poem I wrote some time ago, about addiction. Although it really doesn't apply to me much longer, thank god.


When you think of addiction,
just what comes to mind?
Alcohol and cigarettes,
your insides all maligned?

Surely not your laptop,
where several websites call?
Impossible that those websites
could become your downfall.

Doesn’t seem a problem (you think),
for Facebook’s not a need.
Twitter’s not a must,
nor is your YouTube feed.

What, then, explains the longing
that tugs at your insides?
How your time will now be spent—
that longing will decide.

What explains that urge
to check your latest post?
That desire to get likes, and see
who can get the most?

“I don’t have an issue,” you say,
and in your mind you don’t.
So there’s no need to close (and think)
“I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!”

But then you visit all your friends,
and it’s there for you to see.
‘They have no life,’ you think in shock,
‘could that really be me?’

So don’t think that it’s not there—
that your issue is fiction.
You’re only fooling your own self—
‘cause you’ve got an addiction.

Like it? 

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