20 January 2013

More Addicting Apps

Remember the last time I posted one of these? That was a long time ago. But apps keep changin', and so do my opinions. More than is healthy, I think. So here's an all new list of apps you have to get!

Just a little note: I have the oldest iPod in the world. I swear, it's like a dinosaur. So there are probably other addicting apps out there, but these happen to be the ones I can actually download on my iPod.

If  I have indicated that there is a free version, that means that there is a paid and a free version. It also means that I think the paid version is worth the money.

Here are the must-have paid apps for your iDevice.
  • Fruit Ninja. Whether you love fruit or you hate it, no one can refuse that slicing fruit isn't fun. Especially when it makes an awesome noise and explodes all over the place. That's exactly what Fruit Ninja is. The objective: slice as many fruit as possible. You can complete achievements, get powerups, and unlock blades and backgrounds. There is a free version.
  • Unblock Me. Are you a lover of puzzles? Do you like for your brain to be challenged? Unblock Me is definitely for you. It starts off extremely easy, but there are innumerable puzzles to keep you and your brain occupied. There is a free version.
  • Cut the Rope. More puzzles! Meet Om Nom, possibly the cutest monster ever. Find a way to get the candy to him by cutting ropes and activating stuff. Tons of challenging levels and achievements. There is a free version.
  • Pinger or Textfree. Made by the same company, these are probably the coolest apps ever. They let you get your own number, text any number in the US and Canada, no limit, for FREE. This whole app is FREE. There are no catches. NONE. Also you can log in and text your friends from the computer at pinger.com/tfw. You can call for free too, but you have to earn/buy minutes. Fantastic app.
  • Traffic Rush. This one's an oldie, but it's really great. Prevent the cars from crashing by swiping. There isn't a free version. But it's worth the money.
I hope this list was helpful to all who read it. Feel free to mention your own favourite apps! Also, keep an eye out for my next post: best online games.

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