28 October 2012

Striped Nails

Hey, just wanted to share another nail art style...you may already know about this one as well. It can vary in a lot of ways; the number of stripes, the colours (duh). It can get a bit tedious (and you'll see why) but it's super easy, and it's worth it. All you need is tape, and of course, nail polish.

  1. Arrange all the colours you want to use in order, from lightest to darkest.
  2. Apply base coat.
  3. Apply the LIGHTEST colour on your full nail. 
  4. Apply top coat.
  5. Take a tiny strip of tape (Scotch tape works best) about the size that you want the lightest stripe and press it GENTLY down over the place where you want your lightest stripe.
  6. Apply the next lightest colour over your nail. Try not to go over the tape, but if you do, no problem. That's what it's there for.
  7. Apply top coat.
  8. You can stop now (I did) or you can keep going--repeat steps 3 to 7 in the light to dark order.
  9. When it's all done, flaunt your stripey nails!

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